The customer must inspect each fairing on receipt to determine if it is the correct part for the anticipated location before changing the appearance of the part in anyway. It is important that you fit and install parts before painting! This not only allows you to check fit first but enables you to do so without scratching the paint.

Important: Inherently fiberglass is a stiffer material to work with than the original plastic fairings. To aide in getting a quality fit and especially for installing brake fairings, upper gear leg fairings, etc., soak the part in HOT water(160 to 180 degrees). This will make the fiberglass more pliable to aide in slipping over gear leg fairings, etc. and/or conforming to the mounting surface. Soak for ten to fifteen minutes then install and hold in place until cool. This procedure can be repeated as needed.

Caution should be taken when installing fairings that may come in contact with metal parts that move or are subject to vibration. Make sure that there is adequate clearance between the parts or put Teflon tape on the part that may wear. Examples are: Upper Gear leg fairings, Brake fairings, and Lift Strut fairings, etc.

Parts that have been painted, drilled, cut, marked or altered in anyway may not be returned for refund, credit or exchanged. However, Stene Aviation, Inc. will replace any products found to be defective in materials, design, or workmanship subject to the following terms:

  1. The original purchaser must contact us within 30 days of receipt of the part stating the problem and invoice number.
  2. A return authorization number must be obtained from us before any merchandise may be returned.
  3. Product replacement will be made pending the results of our inspection of the merchandise.
  4. Customer is responsible for return shipment charges. We do not accept C.O.D. returns.

Use the original aircraft manufactures recommended installation hardware and instructions when installing any of our replacement parts.




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