Cessna QUASAR Cx integrated LED lighting system.  New wingtip integrating state-of-the-art LED landing, taxi, and recognition lighting technology for Cessna aircraft.  Designed for easy installation of existing Cessna nav/strobes lights or upgrade to latest LED nav/strobe/position light solutions.

No brighter feature rich LED light on the market.  Brighter than any currently available FAA approved incandescent, LED, or HID light.  Does NOT require an external device to control recognition mode.  Recognition mode is built into the light assembly.

Integrated Features Include:

  • Landing Mode
    • 300,000 Candela
    • 22,000 Lumens
    • 190 Watts: 13.6amps @ 14v, 6.8amps @ 28v
  • Taxi Mode
    • 30,000 candela
    • 4,000 lumens
    • 37.8 Watts: 2.7amps @ 14v, 1.35amps @ 28v
  • Recognition Mode
    • 150,000 Candela
    • 11,000 Lumens
    • Rate 60 times/minute
    • 95 Watts: 6.8amps @ 14v, 3.4amps @ 28v

Wingtip Kit Includes:   MSRP $2850.00

  • LH/RH Fiberglass wingtip with integrated LED light assembly and lense.

Installation Kit:  (Included)

  • Wire, Shielded, multi-strand.
  • Breaker
  • Switches
  • All connection terminals

Cessna Aircraft Eligibility:

  • 150, 150A, 150B, 150C, 150D, 150E, 150F, 150G, 150H, 150J, 150K, 150L, 150M, A150L, A150M, 152, A152
  • 170A, 170B
  • 172, 172A, 172B, 172C, 172D, F172D, 172E, F172E, 172F, F172F, 172G, F172G, 172H, F172H, 172I, 172K, F172K, 172L, F172L, P172D, FP172D, 172M, F172M, 172N, F172N, 172P, F172P, 172Q, 172S R172K, 172RG
  • 175, 175A, 175B, 175C
  • 180, 180A, 180B, 180C, 180D, 180E, 180F, 180G, 180H, 180J, 180K
  • 182, 182A, 182B, 182C, 182D, 182E, 182F, 182G, 182H, 182J, 182K, 182L, 182M, 182N, 182P, F182P, 182Q, F182Q, 182R, 182S, 182T, R182, FR182, T182, T182T, TR182
  • 185, 185A, 185B, 185C, 185D, 185E, A185E, A185F
  • 210-5, 210-5A,   Also known as 205, 205A
  • 206, P206, P206A, TP206A, 206B, TP206B, 206C, TP206C, P206D, TP206D, 206E, TP206E, U206, U206A, TU206A, U206B, TU206B, U206C, TU206C, U206D, TU206D, U206E, TU206E, U206F, TU206F, U206G, TU206G, 206H, T206H
  • 207, T207, 207A, T207A


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The following video demonstrates the Quasar Cx lights in action while Stene Aviation's A185F was on approach for Oshkosh with the Quasar Cx lights installed on their A185F.  Look for the lights flashing around 0:40sec into the video.  Note: The flash pattern is an optional pattern that can be integrated by using the AeroLED HX lights in the cowling.


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