1. What is included in the kit?  The kit includes inboard composite fairing, new leading edge skins, transition blocks, new landing light lens assembly (applicable models), aileron gap seals (except for 206/207), all rivets, composite wingtips, installation drawings, instructions, and STC paperwork.
    2. What is the average installation time? For an individual who has not installed the kit before the installation takes 40-50hours without paint. Experienced installers on average take 30-40hours.
    3. Is the kit STC'd for my aircraft? Follow this link and check to see if your aircraft model is listed. Approved Aircraft Models
    4. How is the Sportsman different than other STOL kits? Other STOL kits utilize a leading edge "roll cuff", and others incorporate drooping ailerons as well. These "roll cuffs" as we like to refer to them, increase the leading edge radius of the airfoil.  The concept of a "roll cuff" is not new. There was an Italian by the name of Lombardi that used the leading edge roll back in the 1920's and while it does aid in moderately improving stall speeds it does not have the performance gains as offered by the Sportsman.     The Sportsman extends and droops the leading edge, without modifying the radius, therefore modifying the camber of the wing and adding over 4sq. feet of area to the wing.  We sell many Sportsman kits to aircraft owners every year who remove their existing "roll cuff" and/or couple it to their drooped ailerons and they all report further performance increases of 10-15% and increases in aileron effectiveness. Look here to compare the Sportsman leading edge profile with others.  Leading Edge Profiles  The Sportsman not only increases aircraft performance but dramatically alters the stall behavior of the aircraft.  The stall becomes a mush rather than the classic break in pitch of a non-modified aircraft.  This allows controlability of the aircraft all the way through stall with reduced altitude loss over the non-modified aircraft.  The increase in safety due to these characteristics is what keeps customers coming back.     The Sportsman was developed using modern airfoil wind tunnel results from NASA's Langley Research center.  This technology profoundly improves performance, stall behavior, and safety of aircraft and is the only technology found in currently offered STOL features being used in the modern aircraft developed today, i.e. Quest Kodiak.
    5. Do you offer installation? Yes, our average installation is approximately 27 to 32 hours charged at our shop hourly rate.
    6. Upon installation what is the change in weight & balance? The kit adds 15 pounds at 22".
    7. What degree of countersink do you use with the Avex rivet? The Avex rivets supplied with the kit utilize a 120º countersink. You can purchase these from Brown Aviation Tool Supply.



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